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IMEX Ceramics has established itself as a leading global manufacturer of bathroom products.

Established in 1994 IMEX Ceramics has built a reputation for quality, reliability and service. Investing in new technology enables them to maintain and deliver their exceptionally high standards.

  • Born in Tangshan, China in 1994; Imex aims to provide bathroom space solutions by focusing on the quality and creativity of their products.
  • Imex’s flexible human centred design makes the bathroom space a place of pleasure and comfort.
  • Dedicated to excellence in the sanitaryware field for more than 20 years
  • Large scale production base with over 1000 manufacturing workers and international advanced production equipment
  • Imex is committed to providing global users with integrated bathroom space solutions
  • Under the mission statement of “We turn bathrooms into personal living spaces” Imex has gradually built its unique brand characteristics in the market.
Imex - A company introduction

IMEX turn bathrooms into personal living spaces. For everyone. And since the definition of liveable space is individual, they create customised design solutions that fit each and every lifestyle. Because they appreciate uniqueness.

Complete collections, efficiency, quality, creation and innovation make IMEX to be one of the pioneers of contemporary European style.

Living in line with the five elements

Just like people, every part of the world is shaped in an individual way – based on the 5 natural elements wood, fire, earth, metal and water.

They constitute the foundation of every process of life and change. Everyone has their own special composition of those 5 elements.

Adapting to this composition, IMEX make the bathroom a space for personal retreat and well-being – by enabling you to create your personal living space. This is their mission.