Their Mission

Marleton Cross Limited (trading as the MX Group) was founded in 1974 by its current Chairman. Since then the company has continued to grow into a key manufacturer and supplier to the shower industry. MX manufactures shower trays in Tewkesbury in Gloucestershire. This 90,000 sq ft site also acts as the Head Quarters and transport centre for the company. Having invested in the latest machinery and materials MX is recognised as the leading manufacturer of shower trays in the U.K. producing many different types in hundreds of different shapes and sizes. This gives MX the capability to cater for the individual needs of any customer. MX continues to invest in new innovative ideas and the use of the latest materials, in designs, innovation and equipment, and will ensure it retains its competitive edge.

MX produces a huge range of showering products, which includes;
• Shower Trays
• Shower Tray Accessories

MX has been at the forefront of the sector for many years and also ensures that it’s products meet all the health and safety requirement and comply with all relevant British Standards and wherever possible uses WRAS approved and Phthalate free materials. MX is the largest producer of shower trays in the UK with a weekly output of some 6000 trays covering over 200 types and variations.