Trojan Cascade 1800mm Single Ended 14 Jet Whirlpool Bath & Waste

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Trojan Cascade 1800mm Single Ended 14 Jet Whirlpool Bath & Waste
Product description
"Trojan Cascade Single Ended 14 Jet Whirlpool Bath 1800 x 800mm with Bath Waste The largest, deepest and roomiest bath of its type to date, the Cascade Single Ended Bath 1800 x 800 provides an immensely pleasurable immersion and soak - to the extent you could find yourself having more - and longer - baths than ever before. Despite its size and depth (380mm, with a capacity to store up to 240 litres of water at any one time) the bath doesn't take up too much room, leaving plenty of space in the bathroom for a contemporary bathroom suite or some other themed bathroom furniture. In fact the glossy white bath will go with most design styles, colours and wood veneers. It will also fit in well with a period or country cottage style theme. Each bath is 100% quality assurance checked at every stage of the whirlpool system being installed by fully trained and approved Trojan engineers. All Trojan baths are factory tested and approved. Trojan test each one of the whirlpool baths under normal working conditions for 40 minutes and then a 20 minute standing period to ensure there are no leaks. By choosing a whirlpool system on a Trojan bath there is no third party handling. Trojan control the entire manufacturing process and the fitting of the system itself. Trojan provide their own dedicated service van to ensure a prompt and professional after-sales service. The systems are available on all Trojan baths. If the configuration you'd like isn't listed, please contact us and we'll be happy to help. Please note - This item does not include bath panels or bath taps . Supplied without tap holes, they are normally drilled by the installer to suit your individual needs. Product Features: Trojan baths feature a 25 year guarantee and the whirlpool systems feature a 2 year guarantee Length 1800mm Width 800mm Height 545mm Depth 395mm Thickness 4mm Water capacity approx 240 litres estimated up to the overflow Made in the UK from 100% sanitary grade cast acrylic. Trojan whirlpool and spa baths are upgraded to our Premier Finish - this means they have increased levels of reinforcement and can retain heat for longer 14 jet whirlpool system fully installed - featuring 3 medium sized jets down each side and 4 small jets at each end with a pneumatic on/off switch (whirlpool pump & pipework included) All our whirlpool systems include ‘child safety suction’, meaning if any object is caught or pressed against the suction grill, suction will cease until the obstruction is removed Bespoke bath legs and waste fittings are factory fitted Single ended bath - both the taps and the waste are situated at one end of the bath, with the taps fitted above the waste area"
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NameTrojan Cascade 1800mm Single Ended 14 Jet Whirlpool Bath & Waste
Product Code:FB07053
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