Trojan Solarna Trojancast 1700 x 750mm Single Ended Bath

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Trojan Solarna Trojancast 1700 x 750mm Single Ended Bath
Product description

Trojancast Solarna Reinforced Single Ended Bath

Large, luxurious and an extremely popular seller here at Envy, the Solarna Reinforced Single Ended Bath has plenty to recommend it.

There is the baths strength and durability for a start. Having been treated with a special Trojancast process, it is guaranteed to last five years longer than its untreated Solarna baths (30 years, in fact). It is also less likely to suffer dents from bumps during its long lifetime.

Another plus point of Solarna Reinforced Single Ended Bath is its increased insulating ability. A clever green flow coat applied to the underside of the base of the bath ensures the water remains hotter for longer and in doing so results in a more relaxing bathing experience all round.

Finally, the bath also has shower screen compatible ledges which makes fitting a shower at a later date much easier because there wont be a gap between the bath and screen. As a result no water will leak on to the bathroom floor.

Manufacturers Trojan Plastics of Yorkshire certainly know their sector having been in the bath design business for around 40 years now. This bath in particular is testament to their extensive skills and knowledge.

Please note - This item does not include bath panels, bath taps or a bath waste

Product Features:

  • Available in sizes; 1500 x 700mm,1600 x 700mm,1675 x 700mm,1700x 700mm,1700 x 750mm,1800 x 800mm.
  • 30 year guarantee covering all manufacturing defects
  •  Height 550mm
  •  Depth 420mm
  •  Thickness 4mm
  •  Water capacity approx 220 litres estimated up to the overflow
  •  Made in the UK from 100% sanitary grade cast acrylic with an intensive fibre glass polyester reinforcement
  •  Supplied with adjustable legs and fitting pack
  •  Single ended bath - both the taps and the waste are situated at one end of the bath, with the taps fitted above the waste area
Technical Information
NameTrojan Solarna Trojancast 1700 x 750mm Single Ended Bath
Product Code:FB06908
Type:Single Ended Baths
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